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Walkin' On Snow Grass (2010)





At winter night, the grass is gently covered by the snow. Small animal, Dormouse wakes up from hibernation. It sees the snow for the first time, and finds someone's footprints larger than Its. The footprints give it a chance to encounter the world that has not been seen yet. This story is about small miracle that happens to Dormouse never occasionally wakes up in winter.




When you pass a unknown road for the first time, you feel sudden fear and want to turn back. But if you keep walking forward ahead, Wonderful things wait surely on the tip of the road. “Walkin' On Snow Grass” is a story of adventure that Dormouse experiences various events when going along Rabbit's footprint on the snow. Having curiosity is important key to open the new world.

6min15sec / 4:3 / color / stereo


Animation & Director: Makiko Sukikara

Script: Kohei Matsumura & Makiko Sukikara

Director of Photography: Kohei Matsumura

Original Sound Track: Yusuke Maegawa

  • 雪をみたヤマネ_Scene36
  • Walkin' On Snow Grass Scene36
    a snowy night for just the two of Dormouse and Rabbit
  • 雪をみたヤマネ_ポスター
  • Walkin' On Snow Grass Poster
  • 雪をみたヤマネ_ディレクターズカット
  • Walkin' On Snow Grass
    Director's Cut 'a Deer in the snow mountain'
  • 雪をみたヤマネ_素材
  • Materials of Walkin' On Snow Grass
    Gesso, Pastel and Watercolor on Cel